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Production equipment

        The components of Jinshi company are processed and manufactured by famous brand automation equipment, including automatic cutting, assembly, correction equipment, automatic submerged arc welding equipment, plate shears, drilling machines, large-scale shot blasting rust removal devices, etc., to ensure the accuracy and quality of component processing, so as to control the quality of buildings.

    High efficiency oxyacetylene flame cutting equipment, a total of more than 10 sets of cutters are installed, the cutters cut straight along the longitudinal direction, and the other set of cutters cut straight along the transverse direction.

          Multi head flame straight cutting machine
    The whole process automatic control of clamping, centering, spot welding and turning of section steel is carried out with high speed and efficiency.
    Z15 H-beam automatic assembling machine    
    Imported AC inverter control, stable and reliable operation, fast return function, tracking arc guide mechanism for three-axis tracking, to ensure the correct alignment of the weld does not bias arc.
    Gantry type automatic welding machine 

    By using the pass of lever principle composed of upper roll device and driving roll, the flange will be over bent and deformed through the pass, and then it will be elastically restored to the required corrected shape to realize the continuous correction of I-beam and H-beam flange.

    H-beam flange straightener 

    It can be used in the welding of box girder with high production efficiency, large melting coefficient and small deformation of workpiece. It has the function of automatic compensation of grid voltage and more stable operation.

    Flux welding machine 
    In the three roll symmetrical type, the upper roll moves vertically up and down in the symmetrical position of the two lower rolls, and the two lower rolls move mutually through the drive of the screw rod and the screw nut worm. The output gear of the reducer is meshed with the gear of the lower roll to provide torque for the rolled plate.
     Three roll symmetrical plate rolling machine 

    Eight nozzle shot blasting machine can effectively remove the rust on the surface of components, eliminate the welding stress of workpieces, improve the anti fatigue strength, increase the adhesion of paint film, and improve the internal quality and anti rust ability of components.

    Shot blasting machine