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The Hema Fresh Industry Base project

TheHema Fresh Industry Base project is located in the controlled detailed planningA1-2 plot of Shanghai Damaiwan Industrial Zone (Unit 6, Hangtou Town) inHangtou Town, Pudong New Area, Shanghai<…

Mercedes-benz Asia remanufacturing project

Mercedes-benz Asia remanufacturing project is located in Luchaogang town, Pudong New Area, Shanghai.

Guangzhou Siemens distribution intelligent chemical plant project

Guangzhou Siemens Distribution Intelligent chemical plant project is located in Guangzhou Eiwa Street Hefeng 3rd Street and Hefeng 4th Street, north side is Vinh Thạnh road, south side is Eiwa Avenue.

The Russia pavilion

The 12 towers of the Russia pavilion radiate out like an ancient Slavic village, while the exhibition hall surrounded by the Towers is full of children's gardens.

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With the advantages of fast construction, good seismic performance, light weight and reusable, steel structure buildings are widely used in developed countries, which represents the trend of building development. In China, there is more room for industrial development