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The steel structure of urban renewal unit project in Meiyuan District of urban construction has broken through 200 meters

Author: ComeFrom: Date:2024/6/21 10:56:26 Hits:584

Recently, a 13.86-meter-long steel beam weighing 2.16 tons was hoisted into position, the steel frame of the urban renewal unit project in Meiyuan section of urban construction, which was built by South China Company, has broken through the 200-meter barrier at the 47th floor and reached a height of 202.63 meters. The urban renewal unit project of Meiyuan District of urban construction is a key project of Shenzhen City. It consists of towers, annex buildings and their subsidiaries. After completion, it will become the headquarters base of innovative finance and Science and technology in Shenzhen, to form a new pattern of mutually complementary development with the three financial headquarters in Luohu District, and to develop jointly with the surrounding industrial park projects, helping to create a world-class Financial Street and build a modern ecological system in the city, it has become a new engine driving the dynamic development and upgrading of the guangdong-hong Kng-macao ay Area. (source: China Construction Three Bureau Science Innovation Industry Development Co. , Ltd.)

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