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The 6th China Intelligent Construction and Building Industrialization Integrated Development Summit

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On July 21, 2023, hosted by the All-ChinaReal Estate Chamber of Commerce, "the 6th China Intelligent Constructionand Building Industrialization Integrated Development Summit and the 12th ChinaReal Estate Industry Chain Innovation Cooperation Summit Forum (East ChinaStation) was successfully held in Shanghai Dahua Hongqiao Holiday Inn.

 Through rich agenda sharing, guestdialogue, supply and demand negotiation and other wonderful links, the forumjoined hands with upstream and downstream enterprises of the industrial chainto focus on the deep integration of digital technology and the real economy,and the hot spots, difficulties and pain points in the development ofintelligent construction and construction industrialization, providing newideas for the development of the real estate industry chain in 2023.

The forum invited Mr. Liu Zhe, formerDeputy Director of the Department of Market Supervision of the Ministry ofHousing and Urban-Rural Development, strategic development consultant of theChain Building Branch of the National Real Estate Chamber of Commerce; Ms. LiuMeixia, Director of Science, Technology and Industrialization DevelopmentCenter, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development; Mr. Zhao Zhengting,Executive Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Secretary General of theReal Estate Chamber of Commerce, and President of the Chain Building Branch;Mr. Dang Baowei, Executive Vice President of Steel and Wood Building Branch ofChina Construction Industry Association; Mr. Lu Ding, Secretary-General ofShanghai Metal Structure Industry Association; Mr. Huang Gang, chief expert ofChina Construction Group and deputy director of China Construction TechnologyCenter, as well as representatives of real estate enterprises and excellentsuppliers from various fields of the industrial chain, such as Longfor Group,China Construction Eighth Bureau, Joy City, Guangming Real Estate, FinancialStreet and many other chain building branches, attended the meeting. (Articlesource: Shanghai Steel Structure)

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