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The Russia pavilion

Author: ComeFrom: Date:2020/12/3 16:58:33 Hits:169
The 12 towers of the Russia pavilion radiate out like an ancient Slavic village, while the exhibition hall surrounded by the Towers is full of children's gardens.
The Russia pavilion covers 6,000 square meters and features 12 Tall, irregularly shaped towers, symbolizing a megacity of more than a million people dotted with skyscrapers. The Russian ring dance, formed by all the towers, represents an endless fusion. The platinum-colored towers give the impression of an ancient Russian architectural design, with patterns of ethnic elements living in Russia. All of the towers are l-shaped, connected horizontally to the central square, where there is a huge "civilization cube" , which is also the main exhibition hall of the Russia Pavilion. The height of the cube is about 20 meters, and the ground level of 5 meters is a city square, which will give a detailed introduction to the history of urban architecture in Russia. In the huge space of the upper 15 meters, there will be a children's garden.