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Single color steel plate

① Common color steel plate type

■ Wall panel
Lock screw series KSW-820 profiled plate
Locking screw type KSW-900 profiled plate

◇ the traditional board with popularity, the wave height increased to 28mm;
◇ isolate rainwater by adjusting the free edge;
◇ quick and convenient installation, simple construction and complete accessories;
◇ pay attention to the correct matching of male and female buttons during installation;

◇ the feed width is 1000mm, and the effective utilization rate is 82%.

◇ it can be used as a wall or an inner roof, and can be bent properly;
◇ after the change, the double ribs are strengthened to make the strength better;
◇ increase the free small side and male and female buckle, and make the lap joint more sealed and proper;
◇ feed width 1000mm, effective utilization rate 90%;

◇ the sound-absorbing board can be made by punching.

Concealed snap KSW-373 wall profiled plate
Locking screw type KSW-825 profiled plate

◇ Unique three-dimensional effect;
◇ Concave convex wide rib design increases rigidity and strength;
◇ it can be lined with thick thermal insulation materials with good thermal insulation and sound insulation effect;
◇ all connecting parts shall be hidden and fasteners shall not be exposed;

◇ Beautiful shape, durable.

◇ popular wave type, no requirement for feed width;
Easy to bend and arc, easy to lap;
◇ horizontal laying, with distinctive effect;
◇ feed width 1000mm, effective utilization rate 82.5%;

Unique three-dimensional effect.

■ Roof panel
Hidden engagement KSR-760 (angle gallop type 3)
Concealed snap KSR-475 360 degree vertical seam roof panel

◇ beautiful appearance, high bending resistance, high strength and economic purlin distance;
One of the most popular board types, weatherproof;
◇ fish fork type middle occlusion;
◇ there is no exposed connector and the service life is long;

◇ feed width 1000mm, effective utilization rate 76%.

360 occlusion mode of ◇, no leakage;
Matching with the sliding support, the roof can be moved as a whole, and there is no effect of thermal expansion and cold shrinkage;
◇ the equipment is light, suitable for large-span forming with the construction site, equipped with electric undercut machine;
◇ medium and high strength plates with thickness of more than 0.5mm are usually used;
◇ the sliding bracket can be customized;

◇ the feed width is 600mm, and the effective utilization rate is 80%.

Lock screw KSR-750 roof panel
Hidden KSR-420 profiled plate

Board type with more than 20 years of history, wide range of use, high strength;
◇ it is suitable for building with large purlin distance and floor slab with load;
◇ the lap joint has been modified, the edge is more upright and the seal is more appropriate;
◇ pay attention to the matching of male and female buttons during installation;

◇ feed width 1000mm, effective utilization rate 75%.

Easy installation and construction;
Beautiful appearance, economical and practical;
◇ the feed width is 600mm, and the effective utilization rate is 70%.

② KSR-800 glazed tile
light weight, high strength, small loss, 

convenient transportation and installation,  

good waterproof, decorative and corrosion resistance, 

strong coating adhesion, keep bright color for a long time

③ KSW-690 Single layer wall panel without purlin

● no wall purlin and thermal insulation net frame, which can be directly installed on the steel column
●high wind resistance, suitable for interior and exterior walls of industrial and civil buildings
● concealed connection, no bolt exposed, good waterproof and anti-corrosion performance
● simple and convenient installation, convenient for construction
● beautiful board shape and overall effect

④ Perforated sound-absorbing board

It has sound-absorbing, heat insulation, fire-proof, dust-proof, mildew proof and other properties, more decorative, convenient construction, environmental protection and other features; it also has the advantages of constant type, strong three-dimensional sense, simple assembly, good decorative sound-absorbing effect and so on. It is a decorative sound-absorbing material at home and abroad. The raw materials are mainly galvanized steel plate or color steel plate, which are punched first and then rolled into various types of profiled steel plate or plate by equipment, also known as perforated sound-absorbing plate, sound-absorbing plate, color steel sound-absorbing plate, color steel perforated sound-absorbing plate and color steel perforated sound-absorbing plate.

Scope of use: the product is used in places with high environmental requirements, showing high-grade public image, adding warm and harmonious business and office atmosphere. It is suitable for theaters, concert halls, gymnasiums, banks, securities offices, airports, star hotels, office buildings, conference rooms, nightclubs, karaoke halls, etc.

Fusion tile

Fusion tile is a waterproof and anti-corrosion integrated laminated composite board for roof use. Composed of high weather resistance and high reflection polyolefin waterproof film, polymer multi-layer co extruded adhesive film, high-quality hot-dip galvanized steel plate, and anti-corrosion film, it is used as a light steel roof in factory buildings. It has the characteristics of high weather resistance, high water vapor barrier rate, high bonding strength, and corrosion resistance. Fusion tiles can effectively improve the solar energy efficiency of double-sided double glass photovoltaic modules by fixing photovoltaic panels through compression, achieving the goal of photovoltaic efficiency enhancement.