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Color steel composite board

Color steel sandwich panel is made of color plate profiled steel plate as the surface material, and polystyrene, rock wool, glass wool and other thermal insulation materials are sandwiched in the middle. It has unparalleled heat preservation, heat insulation and sound absorption effects, and has the advantages of low thermal conductivity, good fire resistance and non water absorption.
The main products are as follows:
        ① Hand made rock wool board

        Wide range of application: the products are applied to the ceiling of purification room, sanitary protection and purification products, industrial workshop, warehouse, cold storage, air conditioner wall panel.
        Products diversification: the products are steel faced rock wool core board, steel faced aluminum (paper) honeycomb core board, steel faced gypsum core board, steel faced gypsum rock wool core board, steel faced gypsum layer extrusion reinforced rock wool core board. We can also make special core plate and special specification plate according to customer's requirement.
        Good physical and chemical properties: the steel surface of the product is high-grade polyester baking coating or zinc coating, aluminum zinc coating, stainless steel plate. Therefore, the corrosion resistance is very good; the filling materials of the product are all biological class a flame-retardant materials (except paper honeycomb) which will not melt when burning, and there is no high-temperature decomposition drop. It is currently a high-grade fire-proof building decoration composite board in China, with high strength, impact resistance and seismic resistance.
        Convenient construction and installation: the products are all hand-made. They can be manufactured with fixed length and width according to the engineering requirements of the demander. Combined installation can not only greatly reduce the cost of basic engineering and structural engineering of the building, but also can be disassembled and assembled many times. The construction and installation is convenient and the comprehensive benefit is very significant.

        ② Rock Wool Machine Board

        The machine-made rock wool board is made of medium-high density rock wool as core material, zinc-coated or color-coated board as surface layer (two layers) and high-strength adhesive, after trimming, slotting, cutting into the new generation of building installed transverse plate, with thermal insulation, convenient installation characteristics. It is a new type of fire-proof material of the same kind (Sandwich Board series) .

        Product specification:

        Color Steel Plate normal thickness 0.426-0.7 mm 

        Thickness: 50 mm, 75 mm, 100 mm 
        Width: commonly used 1150 mm, 950 mm 
        Length: can be customized according to customer demand, 
        Connection: Enterprise Connection, 
        Features: Smooth Surface, superior appearance quality; easy installation, high efficiency, low cost compared to hand-made; compact interface, heat is not easy to conduct; rock wool core material is natural rock, blast furnace slag and other high-temperature melting into wire, and then solidified. The machine-made rock wool drying board has good sound absorption, sound insulation and fire resistance. The test proves that the machine-made rock wool board has fire resistance at 600 °C, and the fire resistance grade reaches a grade.       

         Applicable: applicable to baking room, paint room, industrial equipment, building, ship insulation, sound insulation, and at the same time applicable to electronic clean room, clean room, explosion-proof fire workshop ceiling, partition, etc.